Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Apologizes for Calling Out Junior Artists’ Manners in Controversial Remark 

Stray Kids member Bang Chan, who recently sparked controversy by criticizing junior singers’ manners, issued an official apology.

On May 17th, Bang Chan posted a lengthy statement on Stray Kids‘ official social media accounts, reflecting on his recent remarks.


He expressed, “I apologize for causing discomfort to many people with the words I spoke during a recent live broadcast. I am sorry.

He continued, “I have reconsidered the impact of my words and actions and have deeply reflected on them.

He further stated, “I did not intend to single out any specific artist. I want to clarify that the content I mentioned has nothing to do with the artist who is currently being mentioned together.


Bang Chan also conveyed his sincere apology to the artist who suffered harm due to his remarks. He said, “I will always be cautious to prevent such incidents from happening again. I sincerely apologize once again.

Previously, during a live broadcast, Bang Chan responded to a question about the recording of KBS2’s 2023 Music Bank in Paris by saying, “It might sound like I’m an old-fashioned person from a different generation, but it seems that greeting is not a basic manner anymore


Bang Chan added, “I’m not trying to insult anyone. It’s just that when someone passes by, it’s normal to greet them, but if they don’t respond, wouldn’t it be awkward? Is it acceptable in today’s generation?” His words seemed to target junior idols.

Subsequently, the video containing Bang Chan’s remarks quickly spread online, and netizens engaged in a “witch hunt,” speculating on the idol group based on the list of participants at Music Back in Paris. 

Bang Chan also faced criticism, with netizens pointing out that they were “foolish remarks that caused hasty speculation and blame.”

Source: Wikitree

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