Divorce, STD, exposing each other are what happened after “I Am Solo” ended, but this couple is still living happily

Youngsook and Jungsik from reality dating show “I Am Solo” shared their happy current situation.

On February 21st, a video titled “Pregnancy Preparation Vlog” was posted on the YouTube channel of former “I Am Solo” cast members Youngsook and Jungsik, who are now married.  


In the vlog, Youngsook set an alarm for her ovulation day and made special efforts to get pregnant. She said, “Even on the day of ovulation, I need to take nutritional supplements. Adding folic acid to habitual behavior helps me eat well.”

After breakfast, she did yoga. She heard that strengthening the pelvic and genital muscles would help prepare for pregnancy. While living a regular life, she also regularly attended the gym.


Youngsook confessed, “I think that I am not ready to become a mother yet, and that I should prepare myself to become a mother in the future.”

Youngsook had lunch with her in-laws before her husband Jungsik’s birthday, and prepared a present for him by printing out their photos taken at a cafe recently and putting them together. “What changed after marriage is that we don’t prepare gifts as a surprise,” she said.

Instead of preparing a cake, Youngsook put strawberries on top of chocolate ice cream and put it in the freezer. She then prepared Jungsik’s favorite steamed snow crab. The two celebrated Jungsik’s birthday with strawberry chocolate ice cream and had a fun time.


Jungsik works for a public energy company. At the time of their “I Am Solo” appearance, Youngsook ran a sock doll store. The two did not initially choose each other, but eventually became a couple and even got married.


“I Am Solo”, a dating reality show for ordinary people, sparked many gossips online. After the broadcast ended, the cast members exposed each other and left implicit comments on social media. A male participant was even embroiled in a controversy that he passed on an STD to a woman he was dating. One couple from the show also got divorced.

Source: Wikitree

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