BTS RM is caught “healing” at a temple during break from group activity? 

The leader of famous group BTS, RM, recently updated his status. 

On July 27th, BTS RM (Kim Nam Joon) posted several photos along with the caption “Best friend” on his personal Instagram. 

In the published pictures, RM is shown standing in front of a temple while wearing comfortable clothes, apparently enjoying a temple stay with friends. 


The bright appearance of RM, who seems to be healing properly amid the tranquil scenery of the temple and clear sky, soon attracts attention.

Netizens who saw this showed various reactions such as: “I want to go too”, “Wow this atmosphere suits you well”, “The quiet scenery seems nice”, “You will be popular there”, and “You look busy working, so I hope you get a good rest.”


After RM’s post, the hashtag “#TempleStay” started to rank 4th in Twitter’s real-time trending, drawing the attention of fans and netizens. 

Apparently, RM was visiting Jikjisa Temple, which is located in Hwangaksan Mountain, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and is well-known for running temple stay programs where guests can relax and get new experiences. 

Earlier in June, BTS, to which RM belongs, announced on their official YouTube channel that they would temporarily prioritize individual schedules over group activities after 9 years of debut.

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