“Special and precious” Suzy X Nana go on friendship trip…Mermaid-like visuals

Actresses Suzy and Nana went on a friendship trip. Both of them boasted their mermaid-like visuals.

On May 19th, many photos and videos of Nana and Suzy’s trip were uploaded on their channels. First, Nana posted group photos taken with Suzy and Jang Hee Ryung.

Nana wrote, “Our healing trip… I want to go again. It was special and precious.”

Nana-Suzy-Jang Hee Ryung

In the photos, Nana was posing with Jang Hee Ryung and Suzy. Suzy and Jang Hee Ryung are known as close friends. Nana and Suzy’s unexpected friendship is drawing attention. The three were having fun in the pool villa.

Nana then posted a video of her swimming with Jang Hee Ryung. This video seems to have been taken by Suzy. Nana joked as if she was about to kiss Jang Hee Ryung on the cheek. In another video, Nana showed her mermaid-like appearance by swimming alone.

Suzy also released a video of her swimming with the caption “First time swimming… Overcome water phobia!“. Suzy seems to have learned swimming from Nana and Jang Hee Ryung. Suzy was having fun while swimming.

Suzy and Nana were under Miss A and After School, respectively. The special friendship between girl group member-turned-actresses raises curiosity about how the two became close.

Meanwhile, Nana’s Netflix series “Mask Girl” is about to be released. Suzy’s Netflix series “Doona!” will also be released soon.

Source: Nate

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