Jeon So-mi reveals photos with a stunning look to celebrate “DUMB DUMB” reaching 100 million views

Jeon So-mi boasted a hip vibe appearance with pink ribbon and hair tied with pink strings.

On November 13th, Jeon So-mi posted on her Instagram, “DUMB DUMB 100 MILLION VIEWS. LET’S GO DUMB DUMB, LET’S GO XOXO” She also added, “This was taken on the day we did a photoshoot for XOXO album”, explaining that these photos were for the promotion of her new song.

Jeon So-mi’s music video for her solo song “DUMB DUMB” hit 100 million views, and the title song “XOXO” of her first full album of the same name also ranked No.185 on the Billboard Global 200 Chart. Billboard Global 200 is the chart that lists the 200 most played songs every week. In addition, Jeon So-mi also ranked No.104 on the Billboard Global Chart (excluding the U.S), reflecting her rankings in the world market.

Meanwhile, Jeon So-mi was the 5th KPOP female solo artist to enter the Billboard Global Chart, after IU, BLACKPINK Rosé, Seori, and BLACKPINK Lisa.


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