Song Kang’s personality praised by an industry veteran who worked with him

“He is very rare…” A fashion magazine director shared her impressions of actor Song Kang. 

On July 11th, A, a fashion magazine director with 10 years of experience, wrote about Song Kang on her Instagram.  The two recently went to Switzerland for a photo shoot. A said, “I remember some famous people I work with vividly because of the biased impression they have on me. I’ve been asked a lot about what kind of person Song Kang is, but it is an ambiguous question to answer.”

Song Kang

A continued, “It was my first time going to Switzerland to work as a director alongside a popular actor, and while I was struggling in a lot of situations, every time I could take a breath, I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘What is this person thinking?'”

According to A, every time they had to postpone the filming or moved to another location due to the weather changes, Song Kang laughed, talked to the staff, and enjoyed some meals with them.

A said, “I want to confess that Song Kang was more than just a very kind person and a good filming partner. He has the most ideal manner and the most polite way of speaking expected from a young man of his age who is honest, kind and considerate… It’s not something that can be seen commonly at people who are living with such fame…”

Song Kang

The reason why A left the above message was he wanted to express the feelings and thoughts that he had not been able to convey to Song Kang.

A continued, “I wonder if it would help but I’m telling his fans that Song Kang was such a nice person, so you can just continue to support him for a long tim’”. 

Song Kang debuted in 2017 through tvN’s drama “The Liar and His Lover”. He worked together with Han So-hee in JTBC’s drama “Nevertheless”.

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