EVERGLOW’s 1st comeback is commented to be…similar to “Kill This Love” of BLACKPINK?

The comeback track of this rookie group is reviewed to be catchy but the audience can’t help but be reminded of the super hit “Kill This Love”.

On August 19th, EVERGLOW – the rookie girl group of Yuehua Entertainment – has had their 1st official comeback with the MV “Adios”. The track this time is reviewed to be a catchy and addictive tune. But the thing is that many audiences can’t help but be reminded of “Kill This Love” of BLACKPINK (April 2019).

MV “Kill This Love” – BLACKPINK

Many commented that the part division and the beat intro of “Adios” is kinda similar to “Kill This Love”.

Especially, the first rap part of Aisha (from 0:35) has a structure that is very similar to that of Lisa in the BLACKPINK’s hit. Not just that, the duo rap in verse 2 between E:U and Aisha also reminded fans of the duo part between Lisa and Jennie.

Kill This Love” (BLACKPINK)’s beat
The duo rap part in verse 2 of “Adios”…
…is very similar to Lisa and Jennie’s part

On SNS, many are expressing their surprise at the similarities between the 2 songs through many comments:

However, many defend that “Adios” is just inspired and affected by “Kill This Love”. There are many other songs that use the same tempo, and this is just a coincidence. Both tracks from BLACKPINK and EVERGLOW are of the same dance genre with the Melbourne Bounce melodies. The difference is that the YG group uses it at the outro of their song while the Yuehua girls use it at the chorus. Some even commented that they prefer the EVERGLOW’s track.


Source: k14

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