BLACKPINK is the first Kpop group to receive YouTube’s Ruby button with 50 million subscribers

BLACKPINK continues to have a new record in their music career, making their fans very happy.

After their explosive comebacks in 2020, BLACKPINK officially has another great achievement on YouTube.

Receiving the attention of fans around the globe, BLACKPINK is currently making steady strides in their career.

BLACKPINK will receive YouTube’s Ruby button

Recently, fans of this group are happy to announce that the 4 girls have officially got the YouTube Ruby button. They hit more than 50 million followers on their official YouTube channel. BLACKPINK is the only Asian artist be able to do this up to now. Currently, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has been created for 1558 days since June 29, 2016. BLACKPINK is the only artist who can do this in the shortest time during 15 years.

Since reaching 35 million followers, BLACKPINK’s channel has quickly hit 50 millionsubcribers in just 5 months. BLACKPINK is the only artist with such rapid growth.

BLACKPINK is eligible to receive the Custom Play Button from YouTube

Thus, with over 50 million subcribers on the official YouTube channel, BLACKPINK now has more motivation in their music career. The girls are currently the female artists who have the largest number of subscribers all around the world. This means that BLACKPINK is fully qualified to bring that Custom button. The Custom button is an award for creators with 50 million or more subscribers on the YouTube platform. That button will be designed specifically according to the requirements of the owner.

Thus, after more than 4 years, BLACKPINK is now not only a girlgroup operating in Korea, but also has an influence on the world music market.

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