BTS Jungkook drew fans crazy with his new hair color in BTS online concert

Every time he reappears, the “golden maknae” causes a stir on the internet. Jungkook’s visual is absolutely amazing!

On the afternoon of October 24, BTS’s online concert Permission To Dance On Stage officially took place.  Previously, BTS was revealed through the pre-show sound check.  Once again, Jungkook rocks social media with his brand new mint green hair color!

bts jungkook

Appearing with extremely luxurious glasses and a cool coat, Jungkook made fans fall in love with his handsome appearance. Every professional gesture made by the BTS maknae during the sound check wowed his fans.

bts jungkook

The audience was even more excited when they discovered that Jungkook was wearing a sexy see-through shirt underneath.  ARMYs even repeatedly asked the male idol to take off his coat.

  • I don’t understand how Big Hit’s stylist works.  Why give Jungkook that coat?  We don’t need him to wear it.
  • We ask Jeon Jungkook to take off the coat!
  • Jungkook is freaking handsome!!
  • I’m died! OMG Jungkook with mint-colored hair…
BTS at the pre-concert sound check

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