BTS V comforted fans, “Don’t worry about my calf muscles injury”

BTS V regretted not being able to perform on stage with his members.

BTS held an online concert called “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” at Jamsil Main Stadium from 6:30 P.M on October 24th. Fans could watch this concert through live streaming.

During the concert, V participated in the opening performance while sitting on a chair. He said, “I made a mistake and got injured while practicing for the performance during the rehearsal. But ARMYs, you don’t have to worry too much. I hope you will still enjoy the stages and have fun till the end of the concert.”

V BTS injured

After that, BTS’s performances of “DNA”, “Black Swan”, “Blood Sweat and Tears”, and “Fake Love” were introduced one after another. In the middle of the concert, V said, “I have to do my best, better than any other. I want to run to other parts of the stage, but the concert still has more performances. Please get back to the main stage with me. I miss the members, and I feel so lonely.”

V BTS injured

Then, V asked his members, “Can you feel my absence there?” and BTS altogether said, “Of course, all of us can feel it. We’re really sad since one member is missing here”. Therefore, V answered, “ I will take good care of myself and will not get hurt in the future.”

Earlier, V got a pain in his calf muscle during the rehearsal on October 23rd. As a result, he joined the stages by sitting on a chair and not performing any choreography in today’s concert. Meanwhile, one year after their last online concert “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” in October last year, BTS finally stood on the big stage again.

In particular, this concert marks the start of BTS’s new series of concert tours and is designed to focus on harmonizing with the audiences. BTS carefully selected the songs they wanted to perform for fans around the world the most, and also the songs that would suit the large-scale concert hall. 


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