Song Joong Ki, who admitted to dating a British woman, was spotted at a “wedding”

“Reborn Rich” Song Joong Ki’s dating rumors broke out.

It was news that he is continuing his romantic relationship with a British woman, and Song Joong Ki coolly admitted this.

song joong ki rumor girlfriend

At the same time, a video of the couple at the airport is also drawing attention. They are also known to have accompanied each other at the JTBC “Reborn Rich” media conference in Singapore.

In the meantime, it was reported that Song Joong Ki attended his girlfriend’s cousin’s wedding.

song joong ki

On Dec 26th, two photos of Song Joong Ki attending a wedding held in India are being shared on various online communities and SNS.

This wedding is reportedly Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend’s cousin’s wedding. Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend is known to be half-British half-Indian.

Song Joong Ki girlfriend

In the photos, Song Joong Ki seems to enjoy the wedding’s atmosphere as it is.

It is impressive to see him wearing a suit like a local businessman. The appearance of him wearing a white T-shirt, sunglasses and a cap backward also stands out.

Netizens responded that it is good to see Song Joong Ki getting along with his girlfriend’s acquaintances without any awkwardness.

Song Joong Ki girlfriend

There were reactions such as “He looks like a businessman“, “It’s amazing that the photos aren’t photoshopped” and “It’s good to see him happy.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki’s side acknowledged dating rumors, but drew a line on the groundless pregnancy rumors.

When pregnancy rumors spread, the agency stated that they would not respond.

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