Lee Jin-wook Indirectly Supports G-Dragon By Pressing Like On His Instagram Post

Actor Lee Jin-wook showed support for singer G-Dragon, who is being investigated for drug allegations

Lee Jin-wook recently pressed like on the “Justice will prevail” post that G-Dragon released on his Instagram account on November 6th.

G-Dragon made this post after making his volunteer attendance at the police station for an investigation to indirectly deny drug allegations.

It seems like Lee Jin-wook, who was a victim of false accusations of sexual crimes, wanted to support G-Dragon’s claim of innocence.

Lee Jin-wook was accused of sexual assault in July 2016. Three days after the news broke out, he voluntarily showed up at the police station and faced reporters. The actor appeared at the Seoul Suseo Police Station with a confident expression and relaxed smile.

G-Dragon’s appearance at the first police summons was also similar to that of Lee Jin-wook. He smiled and looked completely relaxed when facing reporters at the police station. On the way home from the police investigation, he immediately made the post with the phrase “Justice will prevail”.

Meanwhile, the National Forensic Service recently announced that the detailed examination of G-Dragon’s hair came out with a negative result. However, they are still waiting for the nail drug test. In the meantime, the police are still trying to secure other evidence.

Source: Nate Pann 

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