Openly gay idol Holland releases photos of him doing skinship with his boyfriend

Singer Holland caught the eyes of netizens by delivering updates on his romantic relationship with his boyfriend.

Holland recently posted some photos on his Instagram account along with the caption “i love my boyfriend”.


The released photos show Holland enjoying the good air at a quiet park on a date with his boyfriend. Not caring much about the gaze of others, Holland confidently showed affection for his boyfriend by giving him a back hug and doing a kissing pose.

In June, Holland expressed his overflowing love by posting pictures of him locking fingers with someone said to be his boyfriend. 

Although Holland didn’t say it directly but seems to be in a relationship, fans are sending him a lot of congratulatory messages. 

Holland, who debuted in 2018, decided to come out after releasing the digital single “Neverland”. Referring to his motivation to come out in an interview with a media outlet, Holland said, “I just wanted to tell everyone that it’s okay to do so”.

Later, he has been active in releasing music videos and taking photoshoots with gay love content.

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