Netizens have mixed reactions to Jennie’s underboob outfit in BLACKPINK’s ”Pink Venom” teaser

BLACKPINK’s Jennie in underboob fashion created much buzz but also sparked mixed reactions.

At midnight KST on August 14, YG dropped a credit poster for BLACKPINK’s upcoming pre-release single “Pink Venom” with all 4 members. Close-ups of the members’ upper body were previously revealed through individual teasers, but this is the first full-body shot where their outfits are clearly seen. 


BLACKPINK’s bold choice of concept this time has not been seen anywhere else, thus drawing attention. In particular, Jennie stands out in the smallest bra top. She once again rocks the trendy underboob fashion, exuding a chic and sexy aura.


However, some netizens claim Jennie’s outfit looks too revealing. Although most comments are impressed by how sexy the female idol looks, some also expressed concern that the outfit may be uncomfortable for Jennie to wear on stage, considering BLACKPINK’s choreography is often intense.

In response to the mixed reactions, Jennie’s fans have quickly jumped to her defense, saying that Jennie is mature enough to wear bold outfits that show some skin. What she wears suits the concept perfectly, matches other members, and is not at all inappropriate. Fans also added that it’s likely Jennie only wore this outfit for jacket shooting and not for the performance. Even if she wears this for one of their upcoming stages, fans believe the stylists will make some necessary changes to the outfit later on.


Fans left comments, ”Jennie’s outfit is awesome and she totally slays it. She’s stunning”, ”Jennie looks hot in this outfit”, ”These outfits are most likely just used in the teasers and MV. They look so cool. Stop complaining”, and ”Why are people making a fuss as if this is the first time Jennie wore something sexy? She’s 26. She’s not even a minor.”


Meanwhile, according to YG, “Pink Venom”, which will be released on August 19th, is a song that expresses BLACKPINK’s unique charm in a deeper and more intense way. As it is the song that opens the prelude to the “BORN PINK” project, BLACKPINK’s first performance is expected to gain great attention.

Starting with “Pink Venom”, BLACKPINK is set to heat up the global music market and release their 2nd full album “BORN PINK” on September 16th. This is their first comeback in about a year and 10 months, so fans’ expectations are high.

Source: Nate

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