“Song Ji-ah is Hanyang Univ.’s goddess? I’ve never heard about that,” surprising revelation from Hanyang’s students

While Song Ji-ah said on broadcast that she was called the “Goddess of Hanyang University”, some articles were posted on the Hanyang University community that they had no idea who she was.    

Recently, on Hanyang University’s Everytime, someone has captured a scene in which model and beauty creator Song Ji-ah introduced herself as the “Goddess of Hanyang University” in a recent broadcast.

When asked on JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers”, which aired on Jan 22nd, if Song Ji-ah was famous as a visual goddess at her university, she said, “They didn’t tell me, but I think I might have been. They asked for my number a lot.”

Knowing Brothers

Also, “My parents told me to try applying for Miss Korea. But I didn’t grow tall enough,” he said. “My mom said I should wear a crown and wear pretty dresses and eat a lot since I was young, but I didn’t eat much.” The episode was reportedly recorded before Song Ji-ah was embroiled in the recent controversy over fake goods.

Knowing Brothers

Hanyang University students are showing negative reactions to Song Ji-ah‘s nickname. This is because her image is not good due to the recent controversies.

One student claimed, “Even before her luxury goods controversy broke out, she talked about the university as a marketing tool. Public opinion about her at the university is not very good”.

The student added, “There are many prettier people at Hanyang University. Why would male students at Hanyang University like Song Ji-a? I hope she refrains from mentioning Hanyang University.”

Another student said, “I didn’t even know that our school had a dance department.” “Song Ji-a was not our school’s goddess. There are more pretty students in the liberal arts college.”


Song Ji-a shot to fame after participating in Netflix’s reality dating show ‘Single’s Inferno‘. However, she has come under criticism as some of the fashion items from designer brands she wore on the show were confirmed to be faked.

On January 17th, through a handwritten letter posted on Instagram, she admitted the accusations of using fake luxury items and apologized.

Song Ji-a said, “There has been a controversy over some of the clothes I wore on SNS and Single’s Inferno. The criticism you pointed out over fake goods is partly true. I’m sorry. I deleted all the contents that show fake brands. I would like to apologize to the brands, brand officials, subscribers and fans who suffered damage because of me.”


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