5 girl groups with the strongest ticket-selling power

The popularity of Kpop girl groups is not only reflected in the views on Youtube, the number of albums sold, but also the ability to sell concert tickets.

Compared to the purchase of albums, netizens said that the ability to sell concert tickets proves the popularity of an idol group.

Not only the boy groups’ concerts tickets are able to be sold out in a few minutes, but the girl groups also do not disappoint fans. Let’s check out the current idol generation, which girl group is the queen of Kpop concert tickets?


On September 18th, YG officially opened its online ticket system for upcoming BLACK PINK concert “In Your Area”, which can accommodate up to 15,000 people. The popularity of BLACK PINK was proven when the tickets evaporated after only 3 minutes. Even the ticket sale site also reached the top trending spot on Naver at that time.

Because this is the first concert of BLACK PINK in Korea, it shouldn’t be ignored by BLINK in particular, and many K-pop fans in general. The concert will be held on 10 – 11/11/2018 at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.


After releasing their debut Japanese album “BDZ,” the JYP girls once again proved their immense popularity as their upcoming nine-concert Japanese tour was sold out in only two days (From August 18th to August 20th). The concerts will be held in Japan’s 4 major cities: Chiba, Nagoya, Kobe and Tokyo.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s first Japanese concert with 10,000 seats in April last year was sold out in only 0.8 second. Many fans could not buy the ticket even though they logged in right after the website was opened. After this, SM had to hold another concert the next day to please the fans.


GFRIEND’s first concert “Season Of GFRIEND” in January with more than 6,000 seats also sold out their tickets in just three minutes. This is the first solo concert of the group since their debut, therefore it received lots of attention from the fans. Additionally, the GFRIEND girls were also very surprised to know this information.


MAMAMOO’s tickets for their “Season S/S 2018” concert at SK Olympic Stadium, Seoul was sold out in just under two minutes, which has proved that the group definitely has an irresistible charm. The concerts in “Season S/S” will feature spring and summer themes to match the group’s previous Four Seasons Four Colors project, in which they have released a spring themed mini-album called “Yellow Flower” and a summer-themed mini-album called “Red Moon”.

Above are the five girl groups with the strongest ticket-selling power of the third generation. In terms of concerts’ size, TWICE-BlackPink-Red Velvet are still the invincible Bermuda triangle. However, all five girl groups deserve to be praised for their ticket-selling ability, which is said to be as good as many boy groups.

Souces: yan

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