Song Hye-kyo’s fandom announced a campaign to report her agency, why?

Actor Song Hye-kyo’s fandom is showing signs of “general campaign” (collective action of a whole fandom) against her agency. 

On Nov 29th, DCInside Song Hye-kyo Gallery, a Song Hye-kyo fandom site, has pre-announced its group action, including protests against the agency. They informed the agency that they would prepare things such as a three-way accusation and truck demonstration in cooperation with the fancafe, group calling the agency to protest, faxing the agency to protest, and sending a group petition to the agency.

Song Hye-kyo’s fandom announced a campaign to report her agency

The reason Song Hye-kyo fandom is preparing for such protest is due to malicious comments that have been flooding, including excessive criticism over Song Hye-kyo, who recently returned through the SBS drama “Now We’re Breaking Up”.

Song Hye-kyo’s fandom announced a campaign to report her agency

Song Hye-kyo‘s fandom protested against the agency’s insufficient response and announced that it would file a complaint against some YouTubers, other DCInside galleries, and some feminazis communities for defamation.

In particular, the agency’s response has become a major topic. A netizen who has also protested against malicious comments about Yoo Ah-in, an actor from the same agency with Song Hye-kyo, pointed out that there was no feedback from the company, adding, “I think the fans’ demands are just a joke to them.”

Song Hye-kyo’s fandom announced a campaign to report her agency

Another netizen said, “I don’t think I have filed a complaint without any given data. It just seems to be a matter of will,” adding, “It seems that the agency’s mind is old, communication is poor, and management is insufficient. We need a general attack campaign,” they said. The Song Hye-kyo‘s fandom stressed the need for a group protest against the agency, including a truck protest.

Netizens’ criticism against Song Hye-kyo is currently ongoing. Although “Now, We Are Breaking Up” entered in the spotlight, it still witnesses sluggish ratings and topic mentions, falling behind its rival drama MBC’s The Red Sleeve. Under the pretext of this downward trend, malicious comments towards Song Hye-kyo continue.

Song Hye-kyo’s fandom announced a campaign to report her agency

Some criticisms had reasonable reasons. However, some people brought up Song Hye-kyo’s tax evasion case in the past and aimed at excessive personal attacks. Citing Song Hye-kyo’s tax evasion in the past, a Youtuber argued that Song Hye-kyo was not under full-scale investigations by the National Tax Service because lawyer Jung Chul-seung, co-founder of Song Hye-kyo’s agency, had taken care of everything from behind. Revealing this claim, the video of this Youtuber has attracted 2 million views.

In addition, some netizens even mentioned Song Hye-kyo’s romantic relationship in the past, spreading unconfirmed rumors that Song Hye-kyo had seduced male actors who were her co-stars in every drama she starred in.

Song Hye-kyo’s fandom announced a campaign to report her agency

As negative public opinion surrounding Song Hye-kyo spread online, her fandom decided to take action even more quickly than her agency. Song Hye-kyo’s fans announced that they would file a complaint against some feminazi’s communities, sharing the process of preparing materials for the complaint.

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