Fans are happy to see TWICE’s Jeongyeon pretty and healthy in new Instagram post

TWICE’s Jeongyeon expressed her gratitude in good health.

Jeongyeon posted on TWICE‘s official Instagram on February 28th, “Thanks to ONCE who cheered for us, we wrapped up the tour well. ONCE is everything ♡!!!!!” along with several photos.

In these photos, Jeongyeon shows off her charisma with emerald Pucca hair. Staring at the camera and posing in various ways, she shook fans’ hearts with her pretty smile.

In December last year, Jeongyeon worried fans as her whole body swelled up due to side effects of steroids from disk surgery. However, Jeongyeon reassured fans by pulling off the colorful stage outfits and proving her health with the same visuals as her past days.

TWICE Jeongyeon Instagram post

Meanwhile, TWICE recently held seven concerts in a total of five American cities until February 27th, heating up global fans.

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