Kim Jong-kook told his nephew his secret weapon to make his future wife let him go the gym

Singer Soya had a sweet talk with her uncle, singer Kim Jong-kook. 

On January 13th, Kim Jong-kook posted a video titled “Generation X Met Generation MZ” on his YouTube channel. 

Generation X Met Generation MZ

Kim Jong-kook talked to his nephew Soya at a cafe that day. Soya said, “Men are likely to come here with their girlfriends. When their girlfriend said she wanted dessert, they just have to go,” to which Kim Jong-kook said, “I’ll do everything. If she lets me work out. The only reason we fought when I had a girlfriend was always my work out,” he confessed honestly. 

Generation X Met Generation MZ

To the advice to “go on a trip,” he replied, “First, I’ll look for a place where I can exercise and find accommodation near it.” “If I decide to get married, I should set up a gym. I will have to go there because I’m the boss. There’s no reason for my wife not to let me go when I own a gym,” he said. 

Generation X Met Generation MZ

Soya, whose goal is to have a boyfriend this year, said, “My uncle is one of the reasons I’m unable to meet men. We went to hangout during the concert after-party. My uncle told everyone there, “Please don’t get too close to Soya,” making everyone laugh.


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