Most popular KPOP stars in 7 countries listed by KTOWN4U in February: No.1 are dominated by Stray Kids (the U.S), BLACKPINK (China), TREASURE (Japan) and more

The ranking of most popular KPOP stars based on searches has been unveiled for the first time. KPOP Global Fandom Online Shopping Mall KTOWN4U (CEO Choi Won-joon) announced the “KTOWN4U’s KPOP Search Ranking 7 Countries” which analyzes search terms on its global site on a monthly basis.

Looking at the most searched terms in each country in February, BLACKPINK topped the chart in China, climbing up 2 spots from the previous month. In Japan and Indonesia, TREASURE maintained its 1st place for the 2nd consecutive month.

Stray Kids ranked No.1 in the U.S and Mexico charts. In particular, the boy group increased 9 notches compared to their position in the U.S ranking in the previous month.

KTOWN4U’s KPOP Search Ranking 7 Countries

In the U.K, Dreamcatcher dominated the top spot for 2 months in a row (January and February). Meanwhile, BTOB jumped to No.1 thanks to the attention they received from the recent KTOWN4U’s Samsung branch event.

KTOWN4U’s KPOP Search Ranking 7 Countries

Super Junior, the group that has been active for 17 years, recently released their comeback album, showed their great popularity by ranking in the TOP 10 of 3 countries, including Indonesia (No.6), Mexico (No.7), the U.K (No.9) and charting at No.20 in China, Japan, and the U.S.

KTOWN4U’s KPOP Search Ranking 7 Countries

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon also proved herself as a Pop’s queen by entering the TOP 10 of 6 countries, including Korea and the U.K (No.4), China and the U.S (No.7), Mexico (No.8), and Indonesia (No.9). 

SNSD Taeyeon

CEO of KTOWN4U Choi Won-joon said, “The big data of 2.5 million search terms per month in connection with 5200 fanclubs around the world reflect not only the latest trends in the KPOP industry and global fandoms but also their album purchase intentions”, adding, “This will be an important indicator in KPOP album sales prediction”.

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