Watcha’s BL drama “Semantic Error” receives hot response from viewers

The response to Watcha’s original drama “Semantic Error” is hot.

On February 16th, the first episode of Watcha’s original drama “Semantic Error” was released.

Semantic Error

Based on the web novel and webtoon of the same name, “Semantic Error” is a BL drama that deals with romance between men. “Semantic Error“, which made people look forward to it even before its airing, drew a lot of attention even after it aired. As of today (March 4th), it ranked first in Watcha.

Semantic Error

In particular, in episode 4 of “Semantic Error” that aired on February 24th, the main characters Jang Jae-young (played by Park Seo-ham) and Chu Sang-woo (played by Jae-chan) began to care about each other and formed a full-fledged love line, drawing explosive response from fans.

Semantic Error

The face combination and chemistry of the tough Park Seo-ham and the cute Jae-chan captivated fans’ hearts.  They showed rich eye acting and delicate emotional acting, raising the drama’s completeness as well as viewers’ immersion level.

Semantic Error

Fans of the original work also generously praised the drama, saying, “They did a great job in dramatization” and “The synchronization with the original work is no joke.”

Semantic Error

“Semantic Error” is a campus romance drama about the inflexible outsider Chu Sang-woo and his encounter with the popular and handsome Jang Jae-young. The web novel of the same name won the Grand Prize in the Redibooks BL Novel category in 2018. It is a popular work that proved both quality and topicality.


“Semantic Error” is exclusively released on Watcha every Wednesday and Thursday at 5 PM.

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