Drunk driving again…It’s Heo Chan this time following Kim Sae-ron, Lim Sung-bin, Seo Ye-jin, Lizzy, and Park Si-yeon

Another case of drunk driving has emerged.

Heo Chan (26), a member of idol boy group VICTON, was caught by the police on suspicion of drunk driving on Sep 20th. According to his agency IST Entertainment, Heo Chan was caught by the police while driving home after drinking with his acquaintances in the morning of the same day and was investigated by the Gangnam Police Station. The agency has also announced the suspension of Heo Chan’s activities.

Heo Chan apologized on SNS,  saying, “I sincerely apologize for the bad news,” adding, “I should have been more responsible for my actions as a public figure who should have been an example to the public and my fans, but I disappointed everyone by my wrong choice in a moment I am sincerely reflecting on myself and spending time day by day in regret and remorse.”

VICTON Heo Chan also apologized to his members, agency, and fans, adding “I am feeling several times more hurt and ashamed by this incident, and I will deeply reflect all the accusations and rebukes for this irreversible behavior in my mind and live my life reflecting deeply to be a person who will not be ashamed of myself.”

However, the public’s reaction is cold toward him. This is because there has been too many drunk driving cases of celebrities.

Recently, actress Kim Sae-ron (22) was caught causing damage due to drunk driving. In May, Kim Sae-ron was caught by the police after an accident in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, when she crashed into nearby facilities such as a transformer unit while driving under the influence of alcohol in the morning. 

At that time, Kim Sae-ron also issued an apology through her SNS and said, “At around 8 a.m. on May 18th, I had an accident that damaged some public property in Gangnam. At that time, I made a big mistake while drunk. My poor judgment and behavior caused damage to too many merchants of nearby shopping malls, citizens, and recovery workers. I should have acted more carefully and responsibly, but I couldn’t. I sincerely apologize. The damage caused by my accident is currently being sorted out with my company, and I will do our best to communicate and actively resolve it until the end.”

Kim Sae-ron said, “I am so sorry to my fellow actors, staff, and other production staff as I disrupt the production of the work I am filming for and the work I am preparing to work for. Once again, I deeply apologize for causing everyone such concerns. There is no excuse for this incident, and I am disappointed and so ashamed of myself for the mistakes I have made. I will reflect deeply on myself so that this will not happen again,” she apologized.

In addition, interior designer Lim Sung-bin (39), who made his appearance known through various broadcasts, Seo Ye-jin (25), an entertainer from 2018 Miss Korea, and girl group After School and Orange Caramel member Lizzy (30) committed drunk driving in May last year, while actress Park Si-yeon (43, Park Mi-sun) committed drunk driving in January last year.

Source: daum

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