A famous idol who has debuted as an actor is caught drunk driving, “Suspended all activities”

This famous idol completely suspended all his group and individual activities after being  caught driving under the influence of alcohol. 

It’s Heo-chan of VICTON

VICTON’s agency IST Entertainment announced on its official fan cafe on Sep 22nd that Heo-chan was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. The agency released its position, saying, “We want to inform you of the recent bad incident first.” 

The agency said, “Our artist Heo-chan was caught drunk driving by the police on his way home after meeting with his acquaintances on the morning of Sep 20th. Heo-chan is currently being investigated by the police. After the investigation, he is expected to be subject to a disposition such as revocation of his license. He will receive the investigation in a sincere manner until the final disposition.” 

According to the agency, Heo-chan will stop all of his group and individual activities as of Sep 22nd. As a result, the VICTON fan concert event scheduled for the middle of next month will be held with five VICTON members excluding Heo-chan. 

Earlier, it was reported that Heo-chan was recently cast as Shin Ha-neul in the web drama “Pro, Teen” and will debut as an actor. Heo-chan’s acting career is also expected to be damaged by the drunk driving incident. 

Soon after, Heo-chan posted a handwritten letter of apology on the fan cafe. 

Heo-chan said, “I am sincerely reflecting on myself and putting myself in regret and self-criticism every day,” adding, “I will keep all the accusations and rebukes of my irreversible behavior in mind and live with deep reflection to become a person who won’t be ashamed of myself in the future.”

Heo-chan debuted as the main dancer and sub-vocalist of idol boy group VICTON in November 2016. He appeared on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” as a participant and panelist, making his name and face widely known. 

The following is the full text of IST Entertainment’s official position and Heo-chan’s handwritten apology letter.

Source: wikitree

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