Lia Kim says she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and reveals her boyfriend for the 1st time 

Lia Kim opened up about her concerns on “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic”.

In the new episode of Channel A’s program “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” scheduled to be broadcast at 9:30 pm KST on September 23, the worries of world-class dancer and choreographer Lia Kim will be unveiled.

Lia Kim, the co-founder and chief choreographer of the world-famous dance crew 1MILLION, received counseling from Dr. Oh Eun Young.  Lia Kim is the winner of numerous world dance competitions. She also worked as a choreography trainer for idols at SM, YG, and JYP. 

Lia Kim revealed that she came to “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” to open up about her concerns with courage after much consideration. She revealed that she had difficulties in her relationships with other people to the point that she even thought that she was a “psychopath.” 

She confessed, “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome two years ago and am receiving treatment.”  Lia Kim’s eyes then got red as she recalled when she found out she had Asperger’s Syndrome. Lia Kim said that she wanted to appear on the program to find a solution to her problems because she didn’t want people around her to get hurt by her anymore.

In response, Dr. Oh Eun Young asked Lia Kim which part about her that made her think she was different from others. Lia Kim answered, “When people gather to hang out and have fun, there is only me who cannot open up.” She also confessed that she was often scolded by her seniors, as they told her she is “hard to get close to” and “arrogant”. 

Lia Kim also speaks of her struggles with her social life. When she concentrates on something, she doesn’t notice her surroundings. This has caused her to be involved in many misunderstandings.

After hearing Lia Kim’s story, Dr. Oh Eun Young explained that Asperger’s Syndrome is a type of autism spectrum where social development is difficult due to problems in the brain’s neural circuits that have continued before one’s birth. Dr. Oh proceeded with the Asperger Syndrome checklist to accurately identify Lia Kim’s problems, and conducted counseling with a very serious attitude.

An interview with a longtime colleague, who has been watching Lia Kim for a long time, was released. In the interview, the colleague explains that Lia Kim often loses her belongings and loses track of time. After watching the interview, Lia Kim admitted, “I often forget even the conversations I just had with someone,” surprising everyone.

Dr. Oh Eun Young then analyzed that Lia Kim has a “lack of attention” because she has poor concentration and cannot control her unnecessary thoughts. In response, Lia Kim told an anecdote about how she could not memorize the choreography she herself came up with, even though she created the choreography for many hit K-pop songs such as Sunmi’s Gashina and Twice’s TT.

Dr. Oh Eun Young pointed out that if Lia Kim has Asperger’s Syndrome, her relationships with people around her can be difficult. For intensive counseling, Lia Kim’s closest aide, the boyfriend whom she has been dating for 15 years, was revealed for the first time. He is someone who has been helping Lia Kim for 15 years to make her social life easier and smoother. 

The boyfriend said that Lia Kim only wants to solve problems by herself, while he wants her to lean on him emotionally. After watching her boyfriend’s interview, Lia Kim said she was afraid of marriage after she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, because she thought that she would not be able to overcome it with her efforts. She made a remark that made everyone feel sorry for her, “I think my boyfriend will be unhappy because of me.” 

After hearing Lia Kim’s full story, Dr. Oh Eun Young said, “We need to take a good look at whether Lia Kim has Asperger’s Syndrome.” You can tune in to the broadcast later through to see what Dr. Oh’s golden solution to Lia Kim’s worries is. 

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