Photos of So Ji Sub taken with his wife Jo Eun Jung revealed for the first time 

So Ji Sub and his wife’s “two-shots” were released for the first time.

On November 27th, painter Park Seo Bo shared a story about So Ji Sub and his wife Jo Eun Jung, who visited his exhibition.

So Ji-seop Jo Eun-jung

Park Seo Bo said, “Actor So Ji Sub came not too long ago. His wife made a reservation and the two came together. The people who came to see the exhibition that day must have felt like winning the lottery. I also met a famous celebrity.”

So Ji-seop Jo Eun-jung

In the photos, So Ji Sub and his wife, Jo Eun Jung, are seen. The two of them were smiling with their arms crossed affectionately.

It is the first time that So Ji Sub and his wife have been spotted together side by side since their private wedding. They officially became a couple in 2020 after two years of knowing each other.

Source: wikitree

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