Kim Ji Eun: “People recognize me even without makeup on after ‘One Dollar Lawyer'” (“Running Man”)

Actress Kim Ji Eun shared how her life had changed after appearing in the drama “One Dollar Lawyer”.

In the latest episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” which aired on November 27th, actress Kim Ji Eun and comedian Jo Se Ho appeared as guests.

Kim Ji-eun Running Man

Kim Ji Eun is greatly loved for her role in “One Dollar Lawyer“. Kim Ji Eun shared the changes in her life after appearing in the drama, saying, “These days, everyone recognizes me even if I go out without makeup,” adding, “Before, only hardcore fans sometimes recognized me, but now they all recognize me.” After hearing this, Ji Seok Jin said, “After ‘Running Man’ went on air, people know it me every time even if I go out wearing a hat and mask.”

Kim Ji-eun Running Man

Kim Ji Eun said her name changed at home, too. The actress laughed, saying, “They called me actress Kim at home, and my aunts, who never asked for my signs before, suddenly ask for my autograph a lot now.”

Kim Ji Eun revealed that she even changed her schedule for “Running Man,” adding, “Thankfully, I have a new drama to film right away, but I waited because I wanted to participate (in ‘Running Man’) so much.”

Source: Newsen

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