Ha Ha and Byul celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, “It’s a miracle that we didn’t divorce”

Singer Ha Ha and his wife Byul celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this year. Let’s find out what special event they prepared for the special day!

Singer Ha Ha and Byul will hold a reminder wedding to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. On Nov 24th, Byul’s YouTube channel “Byulbitube” uploaded a video titled “Celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! I went on a wedding dress tour with a 4-year-old bride who came without notice”.

Haha Byul

In the video, Byul said, “Today, I am at a special place. We have an unexpected guest today,” introducing her daughter, Song Yi. The place where Byul introduced was a dress shop.

Ha Ha, who was next to her, said, “We have lived together for 10 years without divorce,” and Byul said, “This is a miracle,” drawing laughter.

Byul then said, “This year is the 20th anniversary of my debut and the 10th anniversary of the marriage of Ha Ha and Byul couple. The year 2022 is meaningful and a grateful one for us.” Ha Ha also announced a good news, saying, “Song Yi has fully recovered as well.”

Haha Byul

She exclaimed, “We were so busy during our wedding then that we promised each other to do a reminder wedding after being with each other for 10 years, but that 10 years have already come.” Haha added, “With three children.”

Byul seemed to feel new as she touched the wedding dress again for the first time in 10 years. However, she laughed, saying, “You have to do it with the same man.”

Haha Byul

Byul looked at the dress and mentioned her daughter’s future wedding, saying “Song will also wear this, right?”. Haha got emotional and reacted, “Why would Song wear this? Is she going to get married? No way”.

Looking at Song, who was wearing a white dress next to her mother, Haha responded enthusiastically to her cuteness and lovely appearance.

Haha exclaimed, “This is crazy. She’s so pretty”. He continued, “Seeing this makes me want to cry. I don’t know who she will love in the future. If that person does something weird, I’ll do anything to protect Song”. Haha added, “No. She will definitely live a happy life”.

Haha Byul

Byul continued to try on various dresses, and Haha just nodded and complimented them all. He said, “Your hair was short when we held our wedding. But now you have long hair”, adding “You look good in those dresses. You’re really pretty”.

Haha also drew attention as he wore various tuxedos.

Meanwhile, Haha and Byul, who often shows off their sweet chemistry and lovely bickering moments, tied the knot in November 2012.

Haha Byul

The two got to know each other after appearing on a radio show as guests. At that time, Haha said to Byul, “You’re still young. Just meet all the guys and do whatever you want, then get married to me”. It is known that they became awkward with each other since that day and they seem to have lost contact for 5 years.

Haha Byul

5 years later, Haha texted Byul, “Byul, I’m Dong Hoon. I like you. We’re now old enough to get married. Since we were in different places, let’s find our place together”. It is known that Byul was very touched by Haha’s confession.

After then, the two began dating. After they got married, Byul appeared on a variety show and said to Haha, “Thank you for approaching me”.

Source: Daum

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