Youtuber Lee Jin-ho: “The reason why TWICE Jeong-yeon gained weight? Side-effect from steroid”

Former entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho, who now runs the YouTube channel “Entertainment President”, talked about TWICE Jeong-yeon’s unfortunate health condition.  

On Dec 22nd, Lee Jin-ho uploaded onto his channel a video titled “TWICE Jeong-yeon, unfortunate health status…The real reason why she gained weight,” through which he revealed, “The real reason why Jeong-yeon gained weight is from the side-effect of the steroids used due to her disk surgery.” 

Lee Jin-ho said, “TWICE is hit with another unexpected hardship. Major member Jeong-yeon was once again excluded from their activity due to health reasons,” he said. “On Dec 20th, JYP posted an official position on Jeong-yeon’s absence from TWICE’s 4th World Tour through its fan page.” 

Youtuber Lee Jin-ho TWICE Jeong-yeon

JYP said in its official position, “Jeong-yeon will not attend this world tour concert for health reasons.” Lee Jin-ho said, “Jeong-yeon has already suspended her activities twice in October last year and August this year due to health reasons”, adding, “However, fans are confused as Jeong-yeon, who recently announced her recovery and showed her willingness to carry out activities by revealing that she practiced 5-6 hours a day for the Christmas concert, quickly made a position that she cannot return to activities through her agency”.

He also emphasized that the true reason why Jeong-yeon gained weight was the side effect of steroids. Lee Jin-ho said, “There is a reason that directly resulted in Jeong-yeon suddenly gaining weight. In June last year, she underwent surgery due to the relapse of a herniated disc in her neck. Steroids is one of the most common drugs to cure herniated disc patients. But the biggest side effects of using steroids are edema and increased appetite. It would improve her appetite and make her feel like she wants to eat something. In fact, Jeong-yeon did have an increased appetite after surgery.”

Youtuber Lee Jin-ho TWICE Jeong-yeon

Officials who witnessed Jeong-yeon returning on stage resuming her activities said, “There seemed to be no problem happening to Jeong-yeon when she was on stage or during her filming. However, her face looked gloomy during the breaks. She was often seen sighing while carrying out activities and schedules without rest. In addition, when asked about her anxiety disorder at the end of the recent ‘monotube’ video, she seems to feel neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. She replied saying she looked for the answer but couldn’t find it. I’m worried about Jeong-yeon’s physical and mental health.”

Previously, Jeong-yeon’s agency, JYP Entertainment, announced through its official fan community on Dec 20th, “After consulting with TWICE’s members, we would like to inform you that Jeong-yeon will be absent from the Seoul concert nights of the “TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’, which will be held for two days on Dec 25th and 26th, due to health reasons. We are sorry to inform the fans, who have been waiting for the concert, about her absence from the show. We will do our best as an agency so that our artists can work healthily.”

Youtuber Lee Jin-ho TWICE Jeong-yeon

Meanwhile, TWICE is scheduled to start their 4th world tour at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) in Songpa-gu, Seoul with two performance nights on Dec 25th and 26th. After that, more performances will be held in the United States, including Los Angeles (Feb 15th~16th, 2022), Oakland (Feb 18th), Fort Worth (Feb 22nd), Atlanta (Feb 24th) and New York (Feb 26th~27th).


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