The reason why Park Eun-bin refused “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” casting offer several times for nearly a year

Actress Park Eun-bin revealed that she refused the offer to star in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” at first.

Allure Korea recently conducted an interview with Park Eun-bin during a pictorial shooting. On this day, Park Eun-bin was asked about the reason why she decided to appear in ENA’s drama  “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. In response, the actress revealed that she received casting offers for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and KBS2’s “The King’s Affection” at the same time.

Regarding “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, she confessed, “I knew it was a good story but I was not confident in playing it well at that time. It was a work that made me feel greedy but a little burdensome at the same time”, adding, “I was afraid and I wondered if I could perform it without hurting anyone or not.”

For this reason, Park Eun-bin said that she refused the casting offer from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” production team several times. She then proceeded with the filming for “The King’s Affection”. 

With the thought that no one could portray Woo Young-woo better than Park Eun-bin, screenwriter Moon Ji-won and director Yoo In-sik of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” waited for nearly a year until she finished filming “The King’s Lover” to offer her the role again and Park Eun-bin eventually agreed.

Park Eun-bin explained, “The writer and the director trusted me, so I think I should repay them”.

She then said, “It was really difficult for me to play that role, but at some point, I found a clue and it worked out smoothly from then on. That was also when I felt the expectation that the director and the writer had for me. I also have faith in myself. This work sometimes reminds me of my belief and it has given me the courage to face my fear.

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” depicts the survival of rookie lawyer Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), who has a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder, at a large law firm. 

With 4 episodes released, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” already broke the highest rating record in the history of ENA channel. The drama is still gaining huge popularity by ranking No.1 on Netflix’s TV show chart in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Source: insight

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