Gong Yoo teases Lee Moo-saeng as a “psychopath” for his role as the murderer on Netflix’s “The Glory” 

The caption draws laughter for Gong Yoo’s witty humor. 

On the 9th, Gong Yoo released a photo of Jung Woo-sung, Bae Doo-na, and Lee Moo-saeng smiling widely on his Instagram story with a phrase for each of them. Recently, Bae Doo-na appeared in the movie “Next So-hee” that received critical reception. Therefore, in the story, Gong Yoo said to her, “You’ve worked hard in America, my friend, ‘Next So-hee’”. 

gong yoo lee moo saeng

For Lee Moo-saeng, who appeared on Netflix’s “The Glory” as the psychopathic murderer, Gong Yoo wrote a humorous phrase, “psychopath,” which drew laughter. 

To Jung Woo-sung, the actor said, “This is how you post [an Instagram] story.” Gong Yoo semed to be playing with the fact that Jung Woo-sung previously posted a story of four of them only to leave a simple message, “Next So-hee, fighting!”

Lee Moo Saeng the glory

The four formed a close relationship from Netflix’s “The Silent Sea,” released in December 2021.

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