Went viral despite the 2-minute screentime, “The Glory” star responded to the explosive response

Actor Lee Moo Saeng, who is receiving a hot response thanks to his cameo appearance in “The Glory,” expressed his feelings.

Lee Moo Saeng made a special appearance as Kang Young Cheon in the original Netflix series “The Glory,” and captivated viewers in just two minutes.

Lee Moo Saeng the glory

Kang Young Cheon, played by Lee Moo Saeng, is a psychopathic killer imprisoned in Cheongsong Prison after killing Joo Yeo Jung’s father (Lee Do Hyun). Unlike the tears in his eyes, Lee Moo Saeng’s cold and cruel laught gave the audience goosebumps all over. Viewers praised Lee Moo Saeng’s extraordinary presence despite only having 2 minutes of screentime.

In response, Lee Moo Saeng said, “I didn’t expect this reaction at all,” adding, “I tried to approach and portray a general psychopath by referring to books related to psychopaths.” He added, “I thought about how to effectively express this character in such a short time,” explaining what he focused on the most while playing Kang Young Cheon.

Lee Moo Saeng the glory

As for the scene where he said the famous line, “Because I’m bored,” Lee said, “I found a lot of answers in that line of Kang Young Cheon’s line. However, I had a hard time emotionally after filming that scene. However, I believed that living as Kang Young Cheon, not myself, would help the drama at least when I filmed this scene. It was a work that made me sympathize with the saying ‘there is always an answer in the script’ once again.”

Lee Moo Saeng the glory

Finally, Lee Moo Saeng said, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the writer, the director and staff for creating an atmosphere for me to act comfortably (although I couldn’t be comfortable due to my role).”

“The Glory” was released on 2022, Dec 30th, and is drawing great attention. Part 2 is scheduled to be released in March.

Source: Wikitree

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