NCT 127’s Indonesian concert suspended due to disorder in the audience, local promoter: “We apologize”

The Indonesian concert of NCT 127 was suspended due to safety reasons, which was caused by a disorder in the audience.

Promoter Dyandra Global Edutainment (hereinafter referred to as Dyandra), which organized NCT 127‘s Indonesian concert, suspended the performance for safety reasons and apologized to NCT 127 and SM.

nct 127 concert jakarta

Dyandra decided to suspend the concert for safety reasons as the NCT 127 concert, which was held at ICE BSD in Jakarta, Indonesia, on November 4th as a part of their 2nd world tour “NEO CITY – THE LINK”, was reaching its end.

The promoter explained through its official SNS account, “An unforeseen circumstance happened at the end of the show. Concert attendances on the standing section appeared to go unorganized, which resulted in chaos and eventually led to the halt of the show for the sake of their safety.”

NCT 127

“We’re deeply sorry for everyone who came to our Day 1 show for not being able to enjoy the concert until the end. We would also like to apologize to all members of NCT 127 and SM Entertainment for not making the desired concert possible,” the promoter said.

NCT 127

NCT 127’s concert in Indonesia will continue another night on Nov 5th. Dyandra plans to deploy additional on-site medical personnels and staff to prioritize the safety of the audience. It also plans to actively cooperate with local police to maintain order. 

Below is the full text of the official position from Dyandra Global Edutainment.

Source: daum

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