The confidence of rookie NMIXX from the “Girlgroup Master” JYP: “Like TWICE and ITZY”

NMIXX expressed their affection towards senior girl groups such as TWICE and ITZY.


NMIXX received early attention as the first girl group to be introduced in 3 years by JYP Entertainment, which produced girl groups that left big marks in the music industry such as Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE and ITZY. Haewon said, “It’s an honor to debut under JYP following senior artists who represent K-pop. All NMIXX members are working hard thinking that it’s a driving force rather than a burden. As a group that continues the genealogy of ‘Girl Group Master’ JYP, I think we need to work harder.”

Jinni showed her strong ambition, “Many people have been looking forward to us. In order to respond to this, we tried to imitate senior artists’ strengths while monitoring their music, stages and contents. We will work hard in the future so that we can be praised as a group under ‘Girl Group Master’ JYP by combining seniors’ strengths and our own strengths. We would appreciate it if you could watch our growth together.”


Many people wonder what kind of advice the seniors gave NMIXX. Jiwoo revealed, “The seniors have been a strong support. When we met in the practice room, they looked at us with affectionate eyes and gave us encouragement.” Then Lily added, “When I was a trainee, I practiced as a team with ITZY Chaeryeong. She’s a performance master. She taught me a lot about dancing and helped me to put on good performances.” Jinni recalled, “I had a lot of fun living in the same dormitory with ITZY Yeji when I was a trainee. Even now, we still keep in touch with each other. We get along very well.”

Seven girls also picked their role models among senior girl groups. Bae said, “I really like and respect TWICE seniors. When I was a trainee, I nurtured my dream while watching the seniors’ stage videos. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them in person at the company.” Sullyoon expressed her affection towards TWICE, “I’m a fan of TWICE seniors, so I auditioned for JYP. When I met them in person, I saw their professional aspect and fell in love with them again. Like TWICE seniors, we will work so that we can be someone’s dream.” Jiwoo confessed, “Like ITZY seniors, we will become a group that makes you miss us no matter how much you see us.” Kyujin praised ITZY, “We prepared by watching ITZY’s perfect performances. We will give you bright energy through performances like ITZY seniors.” 

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