Son Seok-koo made fans flutter as he showed off excellent English skills with unique low-pitched voice

Actor Son Seok-koo captivated female fans’ hearts by showing off his amazing English skills.

On June 18th, a video titled “Who does Son Seok-koo think is the winner between Jang Chen VS Kang Hae-sang?” was posted on ESQUIRE Korea’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Son Seok-koo read his profile and began to correct the wrong parts in it.

Son Seok-koo read “English, boxing” written in the “key skills” section. He said with a smile, “I haven’t boxed for a long time. And I haven’t spoken English for a while. Let’s say that I don’t have any special skills.”

However, he added, “Recently, I am enjoying calligraphy and painting.”

son seok-koo english skills

Son Seok-koo, who was reading his profile, clicked on the video “Sexy detective Mun speaking English”. The video showed Son Seok-koo talking in English with Bae Doo-na in Netflix’s original drama “Sense8”.

son seok gu esquire korea

Son Seok-koo looked at himself and imitated English. He showed off his native-speaker-like English skills with a low-pitched voice, captivating fans’ hearts at once.

Fans poured out various reactions such as “He speaks English well” and “What is he not good at?”

son seok gu esquire korea

On this day, Son Seok-koo revealed that his MBTI was ENFP. When he saw Captain Im Ji-seop’s first appearance in Netflix’s “D.P.”, he said, “Personally, this was one of my favorite performances among the ones I have done so far.”

son seok gu esquire korea

Son Seok-koo, who recently gained great popularity thanks to the drama “My Liberation Notes” and the movie “The Roundup”, is currently busy with commercial shooting as well as filming his upcoming dramas “Casino” and “D.P. Season 2”.

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