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Heart-fluttering recent situation of a couple supported by many on the dating show “I Am Solo” revealed 

ENA PLAY, SBS PLUS “I Am Solo” real-life couple’s recent photos have been posted, drawing much attention from K-netizens. 

On November 4th, on the online community DC Inside Gallery, a post titled “Hyun Sook and Young Cheol are dating well” was posted and immediately drew attention. The post contains a date photo of the couple Young Cheol and Hyun Sook.

hyun sook yeong cheol i'm solo

The two were taking pictures of a couple on their phones while showing affectionate physical contact. Hyun Sook was leaning on Yeong Cheol’s shoulder, attracting attention with her smile.

hyun sook yeong cheol i'm solo

Korean netizens commented on the photo, “They look so good together, please get married”, “They look comfortable around each other”, “Please give us more contents of these two ㅠㅠ They’re so pretty, they look good together, too”, “Great to see how they stick together”, “Why are they so cute”, etc.

hyun sook yeong cheol i'm solo

Earlier, in “I Am Solo”, which aired on October 26th, the scene where Young Cheol and Hyun Sook became the final couple was drawn. The two started seeing each other seriously after filming ended and have continued their relationship to this day. The couple received congratulations and support from many Korean netizens, such as when Young Cheol publicly posted several photobooth four-cuts of the two kissing on Instagram. 

Young Cheol, 36, is currently working at the Nonghyup bank, while Hyun Sook, 31, is working as a ballet instructor and K-pop dance instructor.

Source: wikitree

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