Rosé (BLACKPINK) is seen going to the Dua Lipa concert with a man, the identity of that man is shocking!

Netizens are interested in the identity of the man who went to the concert with Rosé.

After recovering, Rosé immediately arrived at Incheon International Airport to fly to Los Angeles to continue her solo schedule. Even though Rosé’ specific schedule in the U.S. is still unknown, every move of the BLACKPINK member is still one of the hottest topic.

Rose Blackpink

Recently, fans happened to see Rosé at Dua Lipa’s concert in the U.S with an unknown man. Immediately, all attention is on him as everyone rushes to find out the identity of that man.

Rose Blackpink-Jeremy Erlich

BLACKPINK’s giant fan community soon found out who was the man who went to the concert with Rosé. He is Jeremy ErlichSpotify’s Head of Music Strategy. He is also the former CFO of Interscope – a record brand of Universal Music Group.

Even though Rosé’s future activity in the U.S is still unknown, after finding out about Rosé’s meeting with Jeremy Erlich, fans are super excited for whatever project the BLACKPINK member is preparing.

Rose Blackpink
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