2 Kpop goddesses who have similar visuals but different fates

Yuna and Bona have many similarities, but Yuna is becoming famous too fast and Bona still doesn’t get the attention that she deserves.

Right from the debut, Yuna (left photo) born in 2003 caused a storm because of her beautiful, attractive appearance. Netizens commented that ITZY’s youngest had the same face as Bona (Cosmic Girl). Both are praised as goddesses of Kpop.
From the hairstyle to the nose and smile, Yuna and Bona look unexpectedly similar.
At many angles, two female idols confuse people if they don’t look closely.
With the advantage of the big company JYP, Yuna immediately attracted attention when debut. Just debuted a few days ago, she has entered the brand rankings and owns a fancam with awesome views. Yuna is predicted to be extremely popular in the future and is the new generation goddess of JYP.
Yuna was born in 2003 and she was famous since her debut. She used to appear in BTS’s MV and is always a favored trainee of JYP. The career path of the youngest of ITZY is evaluated as quite easy and convenient.

Fancam of Yuna with a great number of views

Bona is a member of Cosmic Girl but since debut, she has not been recognized in the visual position. The most famous of the group is Cheng Xiao.
Cosmic Girl debuted in 2016 but it never recorded a mark. After Cheng Xiao developed her career in the hometown in China, Bona gradually got noticed and placed in a visual position.

On the stage of M Countdown, Yuna and Bona had the opportunity to stand side by side and people can’t help but admire their visuals. Netizens think that both idols are beautiful but their fates are too different. Yuna seems to be more fortunate thanks to her debut in a well-known company, invested heavily, and Bona still hasn’t received the attention she deserves.

Source: Tinnhac

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