Jang Won Young received presents worth 400 million won for her birthday 

IVE member Jang Won Young set a record for getting some of the most expensive gifts for her birthday. 

On the December 29th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment company LIVE”, the luxurious birthday parties and gifts of celebrities were investigated. 

Jang Won-young

According to the show, Jang Won Young of IVE received record-breaking gifts from fans. In particular, overseas fans took 4 months to raise money for her birthday project. 

In the end, the total amount collected was about 400 million won (over 300,000 USD), making Jang Won Young’s birthday gift among the most expensive in the Kpop scene. 

Jang Won-young

With the money raised, fans prepared a variety of gifts that would suit Jang Won Young. In response, Jang Won Young responded by thanking her fans and showing off the gifts. 

From photos and other footage, it can be seen that Jang Won Young received a 400,000 won scarf, a 1 million jacket, a 2 million won bag, and a 2 million won cardigan, all from luxury brands, among many others. 

Jang Won-young

Source: Daum, theqoo

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