Park Bo-gum to become a free agent… “Thank you for being with us for a long time”

Actor Park Bo-gum is coming to the market as a free agent 

Park Bo-gum‘s contract with his current agency Blossom Entertainment ends at the end of this month. It has been confirmed that Park Bo-gum and his agency have already completed all related procedures and reached an amicable agreement.

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After starting his career as an actor at Sidus HQ in 2011, Park Bo-gum moved to an independent company with a person in charge and continued his long relationship. Blossom’s CEO, who has worked with Park Bo-gum for more than 10 years, said on the 22nd, “The contract is due to expire,” adding, “I am grateful to Park Bo-gum for having a good relationship for a long time. I will always support you.”

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Park Bo Gum’s future is predicted to become a hot topic in the entertainment industry in 2023. After completing his military service, he is a top star earning tens of billions of won a year thanks to sales. on multiple CFs. As the company’s status changes just by recruiting Park Bo-gum, it is expected that the recruitment competition to get his signature will be fierce.

The possibility of him establishing an independent corporation and establishing an independent line cannot be ruled out.

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Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum is waiting for the release of Kim Tae-yong’s film “Wonderland” after finishing the 2020 drama “Youth Record” and the 2021 movie “Seobok.”

Source: Daum

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