BLACKPINK’s Lisa mocked by anti-fans over a small mistake on an Instagram post

While fans think that this is only a tiny and harmless mistake of BLACKPINK’s Lisa, anti-fans criticize her for being careless, especially when she is the brand’s global ambassador.

Lisa is currently the global ambassador of three famous brands: Celine, M.A.C cosmetics and Bvlgari. On her own Instagram, the youngest member of BLACKPINK often updates new pictures to promote the items of the brands she represents and tags their official accounts. Therefore, Lisa is always praised for being a dedicated ambassador.

blackpink lisa

A week ago, Lisa shared a photo which is a part of the promotion campaign for Bvlgari’s new collection. Despite having a vintage curly hairstyle that makes her overall look seem older than her actual age, Lisa is still gorgeous and attractive as ever. The BLACKPINK’s maknae also attached many hashtags related to the campaign in the caption, including #BvlgariHighJewelry.

blackpink lisa
Lisa introduced a necklace from the High jewelry collection…

However, when the official Instagram of Bvlgari posted the same photo, only the hashtag #BvlgariJewelry was used. When netizens searched for the necklace that Lisa was wearing, it is a piece of fine jewelry but does not belong to the brand’s one of a kind High Jewelry collection.

blackpink lisa
But according to Bvlgari’s official account, the necklace is only a part of the regular collection

High Jewelry is known as extremely rare jewelry, not widely sold in the market and usually only VIPs can purchase them. High Jewelry is equivalent to Haute Couture in the fashion industry.

blackpink lisa
Lisa was immediately mocked by anti-fans over this mistake 

This mistake of Lisa is indeed not a big deal, but many anti-fans have used it to mock her. Some netizens also find it difficult to understand how Lisa could not know the accurate origin of the jewelry she wears when she is the face of the brand.

blackpink lisa
Lisa used to wear many rare Bvlgari jewelry

Meanwhile, Lisa’s fans consider this a small mistake. Considering the fact that Lisa herself had worn and promoted Bvlgari’s rare High jewelry collection before, it’s completely unnecessary to make a big deal out of a single hashtag or use it to criticize the female idol. 

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