“Singer of the Year” is BTS and Lim Young-woong, “Song of the Year” is “Butter” and “Trust In Me”.

BTS and trot singer Lim Young-woong was selected as the “Singer of the Year” who shined in 2021.

Lim Young-woong

According to the results released by Gallup Korea on Dec 20th, BTS topped the list with 45.6% support from people under 30s (13-39 years old), and Lim Young-woong topped the list with 36.3% from people in their 40s and older.

Gallup has surveyed 5,103 people aged 13 or older nationwide (excluding Jeju) 3 times, asking them to pick up to 3 most favorite names this year among Korean pop singers/groups from July to August this year, September to October and November this year.

BTS debuted in 2013 and has grown into the most influential global artist. In particular, their released this year, “Butter“, topped the U.S. Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100.” Major British and U.S. media selected it to be the “Best Song of 2021.” Another of their song, “Permission to Dance,” has delivered warm energy to people around the world with international sign language choreography.

They recently won the grand prize for the first time as an Asian singer at the “2021 American Music Awards”, and the public are paying attention to whether they will win the “64th Grammy Awards” early next year. They has been No. 1 for four years since 2018 on the Gallup chart.


IU (32.1%) is ranked second as the “Singer of the Year” for those in their 30s and younger. Debuted in 2008, she has been in the top 10 of the “Singer of the Year” since 2011 and even ranked #1 in 2014 and 2017.

BLACKPINK is in 3rd place (10.4%), 4th place belongs to Lee Mu-jin (9.2%), 5th place Lim Young-woong (7.0%), 6th place aespa (6.5%), 7th place TWICE (5.3%), AKMU and Taeyeon tied for 8th (5.2%) and Brave Girls (4.3%) ranked 10th.

In the 30s and younger category, there are 12 other singers and groups out of top 10 but have received more than 2.0% of vote, including SG Wannabe (3.9%), Oh My Girl, Red Velvet (3.7%), Heize (3.2%), Young Tak (2.5%), Paul Kim, MSG Wannabe (2.4%), Jung Dong-won, Cho Jung-seok (2.3%), Jang Bum-joon (2.2%), Jeon So-mi (2.1%), and EXO (2.0%).

Singer of the Year

For those in their 40s and older, Lim Young-woong (36.3%) topped the list for the second consecutive year. Debuting in 2016, he became the final winner thanks to his appealing and charming performance on the TV Chosun audition program “Mr. Trot” last year. Since then, he has become one of the most popular stars, excels in performances, broadcasts, and advertisements.

He is highly loved for his song “Trust In Me“, which was the special song for the winner of “Mr. Trot” in April last year, and “HERO” in November of the same year. This year, he has released “My Starry Love” and his first OST “Love Always Runs Away.”

Young-tak (18.9%), the runner-up of “Mr. Trot,” is ranked second this year among those in their 40s and older. His self-composed songs “A Glass of Makgeolli” and “Jjinya” sung in “Mr. Trot” are also steadily loved by men and women of all ages. 3rd place is Jang Yoon-jung (13.5%), 4th place Na Hoon-ah (11.7%), 5th place BTS (10.2%), 6th place Lee Chan-won (9.4%), 7th place Jeong Dong-won (8.8%), 8th place Jang Min-ho (8.5%), 9 place Jin-sung (8.2%), and Song Ga-in (7.6%), the first winner of “Miss Trot” ranked 10th.

There are 9 other singers and groups in the 40s and older category that are not in the top 10 but receive more than 2% of support, including IU (7.2%), Kim Yeon-ja (4.1%), Kim Ho-joong (3.6%), Yang Ji-eun (2.6%), Cho Yong-pil (2.3%), Park Gun (2.2%), Namjin (2.1%), Kim Yong-im, and Lee Sun-hee (2.0%).

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