Shin Hyun Ji lost 13kg due to panic disorder, yet became better at modeling?

Famous model Shin Hyun Ji recalled a time where she had a traffic accident just before a luxury fashion show. 

On the July 4th episode of the SBS program “Strong Heart League”, model Shin Hyun Ji shared about a traffic accident that occurred just before she attended a luxury fashion show.

shin hyun ji

In particular, Shin Hyun Ji mentioned when she became the closing model for a Chanel show, saying, “Since it’s the show’s finale, I received special treatment from the fitting stage. Tweed is famous, and they dressed me in white tweed. After the fitting, as I was about to leave, the casting director gave me a bag as a gift. The hunch I had back then was no joke. When I arrived at the show venue, I found out that I would be closing the show. It made me so proud, my shoulders rose up to here.”

shin hyun ji

The female model then shocked everyone by mentioning her experience with panic order and a traffic accident, saying, “In 2018, my panic disorder became severe. When I was young, I went abroad and couldn’t receive mental care. It was hard to come back all at once. I lost 13kg in just two months. Ironically, things went well for me as a model because I lost weight.” 

According to Shin Hyun Ji, she was hit by a car, but since she wore a long coat and jeans that day to look cool, they ended up protecting her. 

shin hyun ji

Finally, Shin Hyun Ji mentioned that her feet size is 230mm, which is smaller compared to her height of 174.5cm. She explained that because she had to wear average-sized shoes, which were larger for her, her ligaments stretched and eventually snapped. She stated that she now takes precautions to live a healthy lifestyle, tying her shoes tightly. She demonstrated walking with oversized shoes on the spot, and despite the shoes not fitting properly, her walking was elegant and sophisticated, earning admiration. 

Source: Daum 

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