‘Jennie & Song Hye Kyo’s close friends’ Shin Hyun Jin confesses car accident stories

Top model & actress Shin Hyun Jin appeared on “Strong Heart League” and recalled a traffic accident in the past.

Shin Hyun Jin guested on the July 4th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Strong Heart League”.

Top model Shin Hyun Jin is known to be close friends with BLACKPINK member Jennie and actress Song Hye Kyo.

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In 2013, Shin Hyun Jin won an audition program at the age of 18. She went overseas and showcased her unrivaled presence at the four biggest fashion shows in New York, Paris, Milan, and London. She even became the first Asian to participate in the closing event of Chanel show. In this regard, the female model said, “Treatment for closing models was different”, adding “After the show, I received a Chanel bag as a gift and I just felt so proud to be a Korean.”

In addition, Shin Hyun Ji drew attention when she revealed the car accident that happened just before the Chanel show.

shin hyun jin

She recalled, “On my way to the Chanel fashion show, a car violated the traffic light signal and hit me hard and I just flew in the air”, adding “Fortunately, I was wearing a long coat, and the clothes protected my head”.

Shin Hyun Ji added, “I still wanted to join the show even in that condition, but I needed to go to the hospital, or else I wouldn’t have been able to stand. I arrived at the show half an hour before it started, but they already appointed someone else to replace me.”

At the time, Shin Hyun Ji cried and protested. She couldn’t afford to miss the show due to the impact it had on her career, so she continued to protest until she was allowed to walk in the show. 

“After that, nothing was difficult. I endured situations like that”, the model continued with pride, even revealing that her fellow models eventually called her a “hero” for her determination during the show.

Source: Daum

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