Shin Dong-yup reveals Gummy and Jo Jung-suk’s love story on ‘My Little Old Boy’

Shin Dong-yup told the love story of Jo Jung-suk and Gummy.

Gummy appeared as a guest on SBS’s My Little Old Boy, which aired on October 17th. During the broadcast, Shin Dong-yup talked about the story of Jo Jung-suk and Gummy. Kim Jong-kook‘s mother asked Gummy, “You’re a singer, so why did you marry an actor?” In response, Seo Jang-hoon made everyone laugh by saying, “You seem to like Gummy too much.”

Gummy and Jo Jung Suk

Shin Dong-yup added laughter as he joked, “As far as I know, Jo Jung-suk promotes in various fields now, but he was busy going back and forth as a musical actor before. He met Gummy at that time and chased after her a lot.” Gummy shared, “I like movies and dramas, and he’s also into music. That’s why we got on well.”

Gummy and Jo Jung Suk

Shin Dong-yup said, “I’m personally close to Jo Jung-suk. He calls me every one or two hours.” Gummy replied, “He does it often. Even if I say it’s okay not to, he stills calls.” Shin Dong-yup continued the conversation,Gummy and Jo Jung-suk‘s child is 1-year-old now and she’s pretty.” Gummy bared, “She’s so pretty. I think my husband calls more often because he can’t get our child out of his head.”

Shin Dong-yup praised Gummy, “Gummy’s good at cooking. She makes dishes really well. I heard that your hometown is Wando.” Gummy humbly said, “I’m still lacking. My mom cooks really well. I learn how to cook when standing next to her.”

Gummy and Jo Jung Suk

Gummy added, “I was born in Geumdangdo. It’s a bit far from Wando. I heard that there is now a road named ‘Gummy‘ on our island.” Shin Dong-yup made everyone burst into laughter by asking, “If we line up in Gummy Road, should we call it ‘spider web’ (pun in Korean)?”

Source: Nate

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