Kahi: “I have decided to marry my husband right at first sight, have never received an apology after our couple fight”

Kahi told stories of her life with her husband. 

Kahi appeared as a special MC on SBS’s “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2,” which aired on Mar 28th. On the show, Kahi told stories of her first meeting with her husband. 

Kim Sook said, “She was famous as the representative military commander of the entertainment industry. Even now, she still gives me the feeling of a strong sister. But according to my report, her husband seems even stronger than her if you look at how Kahi is even pulling out the aegyo that she didn’t have before,” she asked Kahi. 


Kahi said, “I’m not the type to bow lower when I’m in any relationship with my boyfriends. I was a strong woman in front of my men, but when I first met my husband, he made me feel more feminine. I feel stable and charismatic.”

When asked if she thought of getting married as soon as she saw him, Kahi confessed, “I thought that I could lean on this person. I felt that he was a man who could hold me well.” 


Seo Jang-hoon asked Kahi, “I heard that you had never received an apology from your husband after a couple fight.” Kahi replied, “My husband is not the type to say sorry. I’m good at apologizing even for small things, but my husband doesn’t. But it seems that I have been accumulating too much for years. Two years ago, I was at my in-laws’ house, and I was in a bad mood with my husband due to some small things, and he could just say sorry, but he didn’t.” 


Kahi continued, “I couldn’t take it anymore that day. I didn’t speak to him in a week.” Park Sung-kwang made people laugh by saying, “Things really accumulated in Bali.”  Kahi said she was silent for more than a week while keeping her in-laws from noticing before her husband said “Stop being angry at me” while moving the luggage in the parking lot. I was angry there, and I said, “You have to apologize so that I can relieve my anger.” Seo Jang-hoon then said, “From your husband’s point of view, ‘Please stop being angry at me’ seems to have been his ‘I’m sorry’.” 


After Kahi went on to say to her husband, “You have to apologize so that I can relieve my anger,” he said indifferently, “I’m sorry.” I was so annoyed that I just snorted and left. But then my husband told us that we should talk  as if he was sorry. I was talking, and suddenly my throat hurt as if it was clogged, and I teared up.” 


Kahi said to her husband at the time, “If I live a long life, I have to live for 40 more years with you, you are my best friend, and I need your love. I suddenly feel so sorry for myself for having to live with someone who doesn’t understand me.” 

Kahi then said, “I think my husband felt my sincerity after seeing my sobbing, as he also shed tears and sincerely said ‘I’m sorry’ to me.” 

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