K-netizens in awe with BLACKPINK Rosé’s cute diary content

Rosé’s cute and sweet personality is shown in the words she wrote

On September 24, a post was made on the Korean online community Nate Pann, talking about the page of diary that BLACKPINK’s Rosé wrote and posted on Weverse.

She said in her diary, “I arrived at Ritz Paris hotel. It’s my favourite hotel. I plan to go to a Chinese hot pot place with Jane unnie. Just the thought of having Chinese hot pot can make me happy. I am glad that lot of fans waited for me outside of the hotel. I also went to see the Eiffel Tower before I came. I wonder if the vlog will turn our well. I am anticipating.”

Original post: Nate Pann

Countless of comments are pouring, prasing Rosé’s lovely personality.

Some of them are as below,

[+33,-3] Such a cutie, before coming to Korea she has been using more English than Korean, but her Korean handwriting is also very cute and good.

[+25,-0] Saint Laurent notebook looks like Death Note but Rosé’s making into a little girl’s diary is so cute.

[+22,-1] Rosé must have a kind heart. If it were me, I would be annoyed if fansthey waited all day outside the hotel, where I was resting, but she was glad to see them waiting.

[+11,-0] My affection for Rosé. Her behavior is lovely.

The original post has gathered approximately 100,000 views and more comments are coming in to complement the BLACKPINK member.

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