Seolhyun shared on “Knowing Bros”, “Kim Hee-chul and I have been close friends for 6 years, but we have never been rumored dating”

AOA Seolhyun appeared on “Knowing Bros” and showed off her friendship with Kim Hee-chul.

Joo Woo-jae, Jang Dong-min, Seolhyun, and Dayoung appeared as guests on the broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment programKnowing Bros”, which aired on November 13th with the theme “Knowing Bros High School Festival”.

AOA Seolhyun and Kim Hee-chul

During the broadcast, the cast of Knowing Bros asked Kim Hee-chul, who introduced Seolhyun as his best friend, “How did you two become close friends?”

Seolhyun said, “Heechul was the MC for an overseas event that I performed. At that time, he was really comfortable with me and also took good care of me. That’s how our relationship began.”

AOA Seolhyun and Kim Hee-chul

Upon hearing this, Lee Soo-geun asked, “When you two hang out together, do people misunderstand your relationship?”. Seolhyun replied, “Heechul has so many female friends. We have never been misunderstood.”


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