Girl’s Day’s Yura Admitted to Have Undergone Plastic Surgery, “But These Double Eyelids Are Mine”

Actress Yura, from the group Girl’s Day, confessed that she had plastic surgery

On September 28th, a video titled was posted on the YouTube channel “nobacktak,” featuring Yura and host Tak Jae-hoon.

girls day yura

In the video, Tak Jae-hoon said, “I think your hometown is Ulsan. Since you’re this pretty, you must have been very popular at school in Ulsan, right?” he asked. In response, Yura said, “It wasn’t like that, and I was just at ‘a little pretty’ level. I think Kim Tae-hee is also from Ulsan. Still, I was popular.”

In addition, Yura was very embarrassed when asked, “Where did you undergo surgery?” and answered, “I don’t know,” drawing laughter. Tak Jae-hoon made a joke, “I don’t know because I’m under anesthesia.”

girls day yura

When asked repeatedly about plastic surgery, Yura said, “These double eyelids are mine. For the rest, look at the my pictures from high school.”

Yura, who used to make the list of “IDOL BODY TOP 3” with Seol-hyun and Hyun-a in the past , said, “I don’t think I might still be in the rankings. (Many people) told me that my legs are pretty,” expressing confidence.

Source: daum

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