“Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Moon Sang Min shared stories about Kim Hye Soo: “She invited all the princes and treat us to a meal”

Actor Moon Sang Min revealed an anecdote of how he was treated to a meal by actress Kim Hye Soo.

Recently, a video was uploaded on the “ESQUIRE Korea” YouTube channel under the title “Why did Moon Sang Min meet Kim Hye Soo on Chuseok?”

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On this day, Moon Sang Min introduced the drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” as “It is about the Queen, who is also a mother, jumping into the royal education war for her problematic princes, and it is a drama in which interesting incidents occur.” 

When asked to introduce his role in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” he replied, “Grand Prince Seongnam grew up in Seochon, unlike other princes, so he can be seen as a very dynamic and active character with no stereotype.”

Moon Sang Min the Queen's Umbrella

He also said, “However, he has a warm heart and pity for his younger brothers, so he has two different sides and charms that are different from how he looks outside. I hope the audience will love him a lot,” he said, expressing his affection for his character.

In addition, Moon Sung-min shared a story of actress Kim Hye Soo as his most memorable one during the filming of “Under The Queen’s Umbrella.” 

Under The Queen’s Umbrella

He drew attention by saying, “The actors couldn’t go to their hometowns because everyone had a shoot on Chuseok,” adding, “Kim Hye Soo, the mother in the drama, invited all the princes and treated us to a meal.”

Moon Sang Min added, “Since we all gathered together at the time, I wanted to leave something as a memory, so I asked actress Kim, ‘Senior, do you want to go take a photo at the photo booth with us?’ and she happily agreed.”

moon sang min

He also recalled, “It was not an unmanned booth where we took the photos, but a studio, so I remember taking it as if we were taking a family photo together,” adding, “Senior also said it was her first time, so we enjoyed taking the photos with my younger siblings.”

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