Yeonwoo’s forgettable return to acting? Criticized for “being selfish”, hits headlines following dating rumors with Lee Min Ho? 

Yeonwoo’s first-ever lead role in “Numbers” has not sparked any interest from viewers. 

Yeonwoo recently came back to the drama scene with “Numbers.” Despite a stellar cast, the series is receiving low ratings and little popularity among viewers. Hence, while Yeonwoo is showing improved acting with stunning visuals, she has not received as much attention as she deserves.  

From an attractive idol to an unremarkable acting career

Yeonwoo was one of the most famous members of Momoland when the group released “Bboom Bboom” in 2018. She earned the nickname “bagel girl” — a name referring to girls with innocent visuals and an attractive physique. She is considered an ideal type for many in Korea. 


Near the end of 2019, Yeonwoo suddenly announced her departure from the group. Her management company said that she would stop being a singer and proceed to be an actress. At the time, Yeon received a  tremendous amount of hate from netizens; they criticized her for being selfish and wanting fame for herself.

In response, the singer released a letter, detailing her situation, “How many brave souls would there be in the world, those who would cleanly let go of what they had invested in all their youth? I don’t have that kind of courage. And I didn’t have the will either. In the past and the present. I only suppressed myself and endured everything, but none of it worked.” The letter sparked discussion about the potential mistreatment behind the limelight. Netizens also actively looked for moments that may reveal what had happened, and various speculations of all sorts emerged.

After the controversies died down, Yeonwoo focused entirely on her acting and gave her best in every role. She is currently building her career from the ground up with “Live On,” “Cheat On Me if You Can,” and “Dali and the Cocky Prince.” Nonetheless, after leaving Momoland, Yeonwoo’s popularity decreased significantly. 

Sudden surge to fame after dating rumors broke out 

Yeonwoo hit headlines the most when she was embroiled in dating rumors in 2021. On August 30, DIspatch released dating photos allegedly of Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo. The news page revealed they had been dating for five months and developed a relationship from a common interest in video games. Other photos showed Lee Min Ho picking Yeonwoo up for a movie night and Yeonwoo walking to Lee Min Ho’s apartment for his birthday on July 31. 

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Despite the released evidence, Lee Min Ho publicly denied the rumors. He stated that he and Yeonwoo were only friends; there were two other people in that same friend group. However, Yeonwoo’s agency gave a vague response, saying it was hard to confirm since the singer-actress was shooting for a project. This response sparked more speculation to emerge. Netizens guess Lee Min Ho might have denied to protect Yeonwoo from being criticized. If the rumors turned out to be true, she would be under fire for “using” the male star for fame. 

Source: naver 

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